Mark De Grasse shares his story about how he traversed out of a valley of low self-worth to become the best version of himself.

Mark is the President of DigitalMarketer, a business strategist, and a podcast host.

Topics Discussed:

  • What to do when you don’t feel like you are enough
  • The steps Mark took after realizing he was depressed two years ago
  • Giving up porn to improve mental health
  • Feeling like you’re failing at life even though the outside world wouldn’t guess it
  • How his life imploded after a divorce
  • Having an “I have it made” moment and realizing he wasn’t happy
  • Using self-destruction as a reset button
  • How he felt he had zero self-worth and he used it as fuel to solve it with business success
  • Dealing with a case of the “I’ll be happy when….”
  • Being stuck in our heads and how it builds a lonely and miserable life
  • How Mark uncovered his authentic self and became comfortable sharing it with the world around him
  • Shattering the lens of misery 
  • Are you causing your “Cycle of suck”?
  • Therapy and its ability to open you up
  • How you may be inflamed and not fat
  • Eliminating the elements preventing your path to happiness
  • If we don’t have problems, we are going to make problems.  That’s what we do.


  • Do a self-assessment on if you are happy
  • Schedule your first therapy appointment
  • Examine your relationship with alcohol


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