Our Guest, David Peter Jensen, went through some serious mental health challenges – depression, bipolar, anxiety, and ADHD, to name a few.  He tried medication and quickly realized it was driving him mad!  

He went a different route and after a long, hard journey he found his best self!

He’s a life coach, author, and shaman.  He’s on a mission to teach you how to let your brilliant brain work for you INSTEAD of against you

We discuss:

  • How David went from Morman Missionary to leaving the church and performing shamanic work.
  • What is ayahuasca and how did it change David’s life?
  • Developing a process to shake anything off that flies at you in life.
  • Dealing with past trauma so it doesn’t lead to bad relationships

“Consider that how you view your life – or what you believe about your life – will directly affect how you experience life” – David Peter Jensen


Do these three things to become more centered when you face anxiety, stress, sadness, or anger:

  1. Be Aware of your breath and choose where to put your attention while you take your breath.
  2. Change your body position.
  3. Say your mantra, positive statement, or prayer.

How to connect with David:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.jensen.90475

Resources Mentioned:

Beating Depression Today – A Step By Step Guide for Adults to Beat Depression and Start Loving Life Without Meds

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