Our guest this week is an Emmy award winner, professional music artist, certified naturopath, and unorthodox spiritualist. She is also an author, motivational speaker, and performer.

Topics Discussed:

  • Resisting the societal push against the masculine
  • Creating balance for our boys by surrounding them with masculine men
  • If men weren’t supposed to cry, they wouldn’t have tear ducts
  • Holding an emotional bomb inside of us
  • The connection between domestic violence and bottling up emotion
  • What is the definition of a Man’s Holistic Health in 2022?
  • The difference between ego and being spiritual
  • The connection between high blood pressure and ED
  • Creating a diet that optimizes men’s sexual health
  • What to cut out of your diet now to have a healthy sexual system
  • My issues with ED after my divorce
  • Alcohol’s impact on sexual performance
  • What we put in our mouths either contributes to our health or our destruction
  • How sugar contributes to cancer and schizophrenia



  • Ask yourself this question before you eat or drink something, “Is this helping me or is this hurting me?” 

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