On this episode of  The ResistingBeta Podcast, Andrew Bontz and Jane Mallett discuss the role of nutrition in overall health and wellness. Jane, a specialist in nutrition and weight loss for busy professional men, shares her insights on the basics of a healthy diet and the confusion surrounding various diets. Andrew shares his personal journey of overcoming his “spare tire” and improving his health through diet and exercise. The duo also covers topics such as the impact of processed food, the importance of gut health, and the link between diet and sexual health. Tune in for a comprehensive guide to better health through nutrition.

Podcast Description:

  • Andrew questions the ideal male body image and the health of “Men’s Health” models
  • Jane is a specialist in nutrition and weight loss for busy professional men
  • She started her business 7 years ago and focuses specifically on working with men
  • Jane believes in stripping back diets to the basics with simple guidelines and catering to each client’s unique lifestyle and food preferences
  • Jane attributes the confusion around diets to marketing and lack of a “Magic Bullet” solution

Steps for Tracking Calories:

  • Write down breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.
  • Monitor calorie intake to avoid over-consumption

Processed Food and Addiction:

  • Processed food is addictive due to dopamine receptors

Gut Microbiome and Health:

  • Improved gut health leads to better sleep, energy, clarity, and weight loss

Erectile Dysfunction and Diet:

  • How Andrew experienced ED after his divorce and shares what he learned about how food affects sexual health
  • Learned about the impact of body fat content and testosterone levels on sexual health

Exercise and Weight Loss:

  • Andrew tried intermittent fasting and learned he often ate out of boredom, sadness, or thirst
  • Jane believes
    • Weight loss is 80% about what you eat and 20% about exercise
    • Getting a grip on a diet before hitting the gym is crucial
    • Exercise is crucial but doesn’t have to be at the gym

Resources Mentioned:

Homework over the next 7 Days:

  • Track everything you eat

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