In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz talks to Leann Kelly and Kristy Klymciw, both experts in holistic fitness and wellness. They discuss how men can achieve less stress, better sex, and more energy by unlocking their energy centers and manifesting authentic love in their lives.

Key Points:

  • How men in their thirties, forties, and fifties can remain athletic and flexible.
  • The physical symptoms of repressed emotions and trauma in men and how to unblock energy and manifest authentic love.
  • How to open up your hips to increase blood flow and improve sexual performance.
  • Yoga helps build a better relationship with the body, builds strength, and confidence, and is a great modality for healing trauma.
  • Yoga is a powerful tool that activates organs, helps to detoxify, and is beneficial for the nervous system, digestive system, and hormones.
  • Prioritizing rest and recovery as part of an abundance mindset and providing tools like yoga, breathing exercises, affirmations, and reiki to help men regulate their nervous systems and release stress.
  • Authenticity and being true to oneself as the basis for manifesting authentic love in your life.
  • Having a reset button to deal with stress and avoid numbing mechanisms like alcohol, porn, or video games.


In this episode, Andrew, Leann, and Kristy provide valuable insights into how men can achieve less stress, better sex, and more energy through yoga, mindfulness, and other holistic wellness techniques. By prioritizing rest and recovery, connecting with intuitive knowledge, and embracing authenticity, men can unlock their energy centers and manifest authentic love in their lives.

7-Day Homework

  • Create a Red Flags Journal
    • Take three deep breaths per hour and become aware of what your intuition is saying to you.  Then, journal what you discover.
  • Focus on what you are eating and pay attention to the effects on your body.  Cut out processed foods and stick to whole foods.  Then see how you feel.

What does it mean to be a man?

“I think it’s the same that it is to be a human. I really do. I think it’s standing in your truth, manifesting your best life, manifesting your most authentic love bringing your authentic, high vibrational energy to the world.” – Leann Kelly


Bro Codes and Bro Flow – 

A safe space for men to heal with yoga, breathwork, reiki, meditation, affirmations, and mindset exercises.  Reach out to Leann on IG to learn more.




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