I sat on a call with a dating coach who reached out to me after a short conversation inside a Facebook group.  I remember him saying, “I can help you sleep with as many women as you want.”  

I let him continue his pitch out of respect, but he had lost me.

I didn’t want that.  In fact, that runs counter to who I want to be.  

If that’s you, I understand because I was there in my early 20’s.  

I look back on the year after my divorce and here are a few points that I pulled from the hundreds of hours of books, youtube videos, and podcasts I voraciously consumed.

  • An abundance mentality is crucial
  • Be authentic and show your goofy side – Especially on the apps
  • Have a practice and process Mentality
    • Practice living outside of your comfort zone
      • First kiss
      • Being bold
      • Trying things out you learn from “dating experts”
    • Process First Mindset
      • Meet good people
  • Have Rules to Protect Yourself from Yourself
    • 2 Drink rule
    • No sex before the 3rd date
  • Be a good ender
  • Plan dates you enjoy
  • Define Your Ideal Woman – Become the Man to Attract Her
    • I want a woman that is good at typical “woman stuff” (cooking, crafts, mothering, etc)
      • Dynamic
      • Funny
      • A good listener
      • Strives to be the best version of herself
        • Fitness (yoga)
        • Faith
        • Mental fitness (reading, meditation, etc)
  • Become a man with
    • a holistic mindset.  
    • A man who understands the difference between his masculine energy and manliness.  
    • A man who can harness his power, but leads with empathy and kindness.

That’s the foundation of how I became a magnetic man.

A man that attracted beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful women.  

A man who had rules and values he was seeking.  And when a beautiful woman crossed my path that didn’t fill what I was looking for.  I had the kind heart to end it when it needed to be ended.


Do something that scares you every day for the next seven days

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