David is the founder and CEO of Daring Deeply life coaching. He helps high-achieving men, women, and couples find deep freedom, healing, and transformation from past pain and trauma. Through a trauma-informed polarized lens, David leverages his decades of expertise in relationships, wellness, and communication to bring empowered awareness to his clients that disrupt negative patterns to realize real life-change and extraordinary relationships.

 Together with his partner in life, business, and love, Paige Stuart, David serves clients worldwide through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, 3-day immersion retreats, and master classes. 

 David is the blessed father of three adult kids and resides in the Nashville, Tennessee area.


Quotes from David in the episode:

“If the people around us are continuously trying to keep us who we used to be, we will never transcend to who we are supposed to be.”

“Loyalty is incredibly overrated.  Never to remain in a relationship solely out of loyalty.”

“Nobody is allowed in a relationship with you out of obligation, neediness, or because THEY want to.” 

“If the man heals, the world changes.”

We Discuss:

  • What negative patterns have caused your challenges in your past or current relationships?
  • Stopping the generational handoff of trauma
  • The missing link between a life of abundance of sex, money, and happiness.

Action Steps:

Do these things for the next 7 days:

  1. Start a daily affirmation – Example:  “I am the very best of my father…mother…coach” and on the journey to moving that direction.
  2. Do an inventory of all the people closest to you and determine who are the top 5 people you spend the most time with.  Use these three questions:
  1. Do they bring you happiness?
  2. Do they make you better?
  3. Do they ask you purposeful questions?


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