Leonard Jenkins was a successful chemical engineer for Procter and Gamble and Coca-Cola but left the corporate world to pursue his passion for helping people.  Now he’s an author, actor, voice-over artist, personal development coach, and inventor of the Maintenance of Man (MOM) all-natural line of supplements.

He uses his scientific background and passion for helping men become balanced inside and out.

We Discuss:

  • How Leonard transformed his mind, body, and spirit to become the oldest warrior on the Black Panther set
  • Shifting your habits to get your mind and body right
  • Assessing your core values and how they align with living a fulfilled life
  • How optimizing your chakra can enhance your life
  • Improving your sexual vitality
  • Creating a counsel that will move you towards your best self
  • Finding your peace



  • Download the roadmap and do a self-assessment



How to connect with Leonard:

@maintenanceofmanatl – Instagram

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@maintenanceofman – Facebook

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