Our guest this week is Mark Melvin.  He was an accomplished corporate attorney in the alcohol industry for over a decade until he left the industry to pursue a more centered life.  He now helps people answer the question “Who am I”?  He does this by sharing techniques in yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

We Discuss: 

  • Mental Time Traveling – How to deal with thinking about the past stories that haunt us or future stories that cause anxiety
  • How to stop intrusive and unwanted thoughts from controlling your emotions?
  • What’s the cost of numbing the “voices” of anger, overwhelm, and anxiety?
  • Breaking the conditioning from your upbringing
  • Figuring out what YOU want to do
  • Discovering how to play again and the benefits of getting to know your inner child
  • How to slow down and regain control of your mind
  • Developing an Indiana Jones Mentality 
  • Practicing micro-moments of creativity and failure
  • Finding more joy in life by exploring creative outlets
  • Breaking through the worry of the judgment of others
  • Building resilience and self-efficacy
  • Stopping the unraveling when you start to lose control of your emotion
  • Becoming more centered 
  • How Yoga can reduce the disturbances distracting our mind from living our best life
  • Finding the “perfect amount of happy” with breathwork
  • How to enhance mental performance and focus
  • Evolving into a fully realized human being
  • How to come back from “Losing Your Mind” in stressful or combative moments
  • Eliminating the “burry it down” moments” and how they can lead to immense stress and even death
  • A call to selfishness that could change the world


  • Always breath in and out through your nose
  • Take 15-minutes of calm “you-time” for yourself free of screens to start in a quiet and gentle way



Connect With Mark:


Instagram – MarkaMelvin 


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