About the Episode

Ross Leppala was an engineer who pivoted to pursue a path of impact with his podcast, Project UnchainED.  Now he utilizes his decades of self-development work to help people learn how to create a strong sense of belonging via internal validation.

We discuss:

  • How learning how to bench press changed Ross’s life
  • Pulling yourself out of a deep depression
  • Creating energy to attract the right women 
  • What needs to change so you can have the amount of sex in your relationship

“The journey of life is full of joy when one has a sense of belonging!” 

Ross Leppala


Do these two things for the next 7 days when you wake up:

1.  Choose You For Once – take action that puts you first in mental, spiritual, or physical health.

2.  Write down or say something out loud that you are grateful for.

How to connect with Ross:

Instagram: @ross.leppala and @project_unchained

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ross.leppala

Podcast:  Project UnchainED – https://anchor.fm/project-unchained

Resources Mentioned:

The Belonging Blueprint – https://www.holisticalignmentstrategies.com/the-belonging-blueprint-f294cb7f-5e69-433b-b20a-04b5e7425645?fbclid=IwAR2v5CBeI5ov1I7J9PGacJPLlciFZwMdgFn_Twt5IGXY1vcvgtoyTsoprP8

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