Topics Discussed:

  • Wyatt’s struggle with anxiety and feeling like he wasn’t further ahead in life
  • How cold showers allowed Wyatt to reset his system and restart his life in his 20s
  • The benefits of Cold-Therapy
    • Pulling yourself into the present moment 
    • Becoming more patient with your family
    • Boosting your libido and sexual health
  • How a first-responder went from snapping at his kids after work every day to a completely changed household dynamic.
  • How being in the fight or flight response impacts your sexual performance
  • Shifting perception to reduce your stress
  • How surrendering can be a link to a better life

About our guest:

Wyatt is the Founder and CEO of Ice Barrel, with expertise in product innovation,

manufacturing, and eCommerce marketing. Before Ice Barrel, he worked in corporate

aviation, buying and selling jets. Like so many, he bought into the fiction our society tells

us; work harder, sleep less, and don’t complain. The stress and anxiety of the 60-80 hour

work week took a toll on his physical and mental well-being. Eventually, reality caught up

with Wyatt. “I was broken, sick, and desperate for a change.”

Shortly after hitting bottom, a stranger approached him at the gym and offered some

candid advice. Saying, “you don’t look well,” the man then went on to explain the power

of breathwork, meditation, and cold showers. Wyatt was skeptical but was desperate to

try anything. He started researching the science of cold therapy and was hooked. It

wasn’t long before his wife noticed the results of these new practices. “It was like he was

a new man.”

After growing tired of cold showers and ice baths in the house, Wyatt decided to invent a

cold therapy device that would allow him to simplify the practice. He started sharing a few

of these prototypes with others and quickly realized that there were so many people

looking for a solution for their recovery. That’s when he set out on a mission to create the

most accessible and effective cold therapy solutions, helping everybody, everywhere, to

get colder and feel better! A few months later, Ice Barrel went from prototype to a


Now Ice Barrel is considered the leading brand in the Cold Therapy industry. The team at

Ice Barrel believes that everyone is capable of a life filled with well-being, and they are

working to introduce products that simplify the practices that release us to do the


Currently, Wyatt lives in Ohio with his wife and three children. He is passionate about

family, cold therapy, health and wellness, cooking, and being in nature.



Using Ice Baths to Improve Mental and Sexual Health

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