Ed is the founder of HealthyLoveandMoney.com an organization on a mission to help couples foster financial intimacy through learning, healing, and growing. He offers books, courses, blogs, and podcasts through this website, all aimed at helping couples understand where their relationship and money challenges come from and what they can do to change it.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to deal with the insecurity you feel if your partner makes more money than you
  • How can you improve your ability to lead in your relationship after understanding your attachment style?
  • What is healthy masculinity?
  • Reshaping the neuropathways in your brain to move past your trauma
  • Micro-moments that pave the road to the best version of yourself
  • The positive impact of therapy during divorce
  • You are not broken, but you do need to heal some past pain
  • Creating an integrated brain with a healthy balance of emotion and logic
  • Navigating the scenario when your partner spends too much
  • Fighting about money with your partner when you are an entrepreneur
  • What to do if you feel your partner’s spending habits are immoral or bad
  • Finding the middle ground with money
  • Getting past the glass ceiling over the amount of money you believe you can make
  • The post-divorce money mindset
  • Grieving your past identity and labels


  • Go for a walk in the woods every day for the next 7 days without your phone.


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