Luke Briggs went from a weak, unconfident high school kid to a personal trainer who’s helped hundreds of clients transform their lives through diet and proper training and a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Topics Discussed:

  • Making a drastic change to change the course of your life
  • Getting past inner narratives 
  • Key steps to becoming a more confident man
  • How Luke developed the discipline to not miss a strength training workout since January 27th, 2010 
  • Keeping the most important promises to yourself
  • Summoning the motivation to work out when you are tired, sick, or just don’t feel like it
  • What identity do you have that is keeping you where you are at?
  • Taking small actions that back the man you want to become
  • What is the fastest way to change your life?
  • How a 60 y/o went from not believing she can lift 10 pounds to deadlifting over 200 pounds
  • Calling yourself on the BS that’s preventing you from improving
  • Luke’s opinion on the Body Positivity movement
  • How to stop “shoulding” all over ourselves and other people
  • How to help navigate the “am I fat” conversation with our kids
  • Overcoming the mindset “Women just don’t like me” 
  • Dealing with “probably” moments and how they prevent us from approaching women


  • Make a promise to yourself that you will do to improve your life.  Then keep it for 7 days in a row



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